Scheduling Appointments

long island psychotherapyAll individual sessions are 50 minutes in length. I encourage all potential clients to think about the first session as a consultation in order to explore whether or not they feel that we are a “good fit”. This enables individuals to have an honest and open discussion about what they are seeking in terms of treatment and how they feel in the first session.

My first session with a couple is 3 hours in length. Follow up sessions are typically between 1 1/2- 2 hours in length. The couple sessions are more time intensive and less frequent depending on each individual couple and their presenting issues. I don’t see individuals separately from their partner if they’re coming for couple therapy.

I always see parents of young children at the onset of treatment to take a developmental history and to begin a family history. More often then not, this process takes more then one session. Following the parent intake sessions, I normally will schedule the child alone for approximately 3 sessions. I will then follow up with a parent session to share my impressions, to answer any questions, and to continue to develop and build a trusting and working relationship with them. Child sessions vary in length depending upon the child; however, I schedule 50 minutes and allow children, depending on their age, to end earlier if need be. I encourage parents to be an active part in the child’s treatment and I am open to any concerns that directly or indirectly have an impact on the child, family, or couple.