About My Long Island Pyschotherapy Practice

My practice consists of treating children, adolescents, adults and couples, some of whom are struggling with issues such as divorce, bereavement, anxiety, depression, infidelity, and addictions. My office space consists of not only a comfortable place for adults and adolescents, but also a separate playroom to incorporate play therapy for children.

In order to ensure the highest standard of care of my patients, I collaborate regularly with other mental health professionals in the community as well as connecting to school personnel, and referral sources as needed. Taking in depth developmental history and family history are all part of developing a picture of each individual who come to my practice and key in the beginning of treatment and the beginning of understanding who you are.

An essential aspect of working with children is to include parents in the therapeutic process. Parents oftentimes need guidance in order to better understand how to respond to their children when their children challenge them.  Once parents feel supported and understood, they are better able to help their own children with newly learned strategies, communication tools and developmental education. Problems within the marriage can often be the trigger for acting out behaviors in children and adolescents and as a therapist I address these issues with the utmost concern and care.

My work with couples incorporates many facets of my education and is designed to help couples recognize and understand patterns of behavior within the couple relationship. The focus of the work is for couples to develop securely functioning relationships, which is based on true mutuality and the basis of PACT. This concept is developed from an understanding of personality, biology and development of the brain. The goal of the work is for couples to operate in a system, not only based on true mutuality, but of fairness, sensitivity, and justice. When couples become true experts on one another they can avoid many of the pitfalls of couple relationships.